Sono malato di Corea di Huntington, cosa mi aspetta?

Hi, my name is Matteo.
Given my current condition, which has worsened in recent years, without the cure, i would like to know how many years of life i have before i die.
it's a legitimate request, I'm not depressed and i don't have manic thoughts ... but I just want to know the truth and feel free to answer.
I am peaceful and happy for my life, I am very optimistic and I believe in the research with all my heart !!
Thanks and good job.

Dear Matteo, I will answer you directly. We talked to each other very recently, as you know. Your life is full of beautiful things and it will not necessarily end before that of many others who do not have the disease. We are together on this difficult path and together we try to reach the best conclusion that gives us hope. Nobody can foresee the end ... neither me you you, nor you for me ... A send you a big hug and see you soon!

Ferdinando Squitieri