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Open positions – 30/03/2022

LIRH Foundation is looking for human resources interested in - and motivated to - joining a multidisciplinary clinical research team made up of specialized doctors and psychologists, dedicated to observational research programs on Huntington's disease (HD) such as Enroll-HD and HD Clarity. The new collaborators will conduct medical and neuropsychological assessments as part of clinical international research programs.

Essential requirements:

  1. Proven fluency in spoken and written English
  2. Interest in clinical research
  3. Bachelor's degree in medicine and surgery
  4. Bachelor's degree in psychology

Preferential titles are:

  1. Specialization in Neurology
  2. Specialization in Psychiatry
  3. Specialization in Medical Genetics
  4. Specialization/Master in Neuropsychology

Main tasks

  • Clinical Assessments, including Unified Huntington Disease Raiting Scale, PBA, Symbol Digit Modality Test, Verbal Fluency Test, Stroop, Trailmaking
  • Collaboration in clinical trials management

Duration and salary

The collaboration includes a 12-month renewable contract. Annual salary will be assessed in relation to the candidate's experience and competence. Appropriate preliminary training is guaranteed.


Please send your CV to, or fill the form here below.