Silvia L.


In Silvia's large family, Huntington's disease has affected many people, who had to deal not only with HD, but also with discrimination.

Silvia, 59 years – Taranto

My mom was affected by HD. The people from our neighborhood said she was mad.

We have seen many people in our family get sick and pass away. Of 12 siblings, we are now 7 left.


I got married when I was 27, but at that time I did not talk about HD with my husband.

Because we had three children, for their sake I decided to get tested. I was tested negative. When Prof. Squitieri gave me the result, I cried a lot, because I was really convinced I was positive.

I think I should have tried to better understand all the implications of Huntington Disease before. I did it with the means I had at my disposal when I was younger, but they were not sufficient. Now I know that to get information is not equal to understand them. 




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Silvia L.