Una luce viola per l'Huntington

LIRH Foundation sheds a light on Florence for Huntington's disease

On May 26 at 9.30 pm the Abbey of San Miniato al Monte in Florence will light up purple to draw attention to Huntington's disease in the International HD Awareness Month

The Abbey of San Miniato al Monte, one of the most visited places by people from all over the world, a splendid synthesis of art, spirituality and history, together with the Municipality of Florence, participates in the International HD Awareness Month through a symbolic initiative of great significance: on Thursday 26 May at 9.30 pm the Abbey will light up in purple magenta, the color of the LIRH Foundation - and will remain illuminated also the following evening - to testify proximity to those who face and fight Huntington's disease.


San Miniato al Monte


Grateful to the Municipality of Florence and to Firenze Smart, which takes care of the lighting, we are happy to offer citizens a different and truly exceptional look at our millenary Basilica. Not even the most passionate Fiorentina fan had ever thought of coloring the Romanesque facade of San Miniato al Monte purple. It occurred to us because purple is the color that symbolizes the commitment  to defeat Huntington's disease and the care, passion and hope with which we are close to those touched by this rare disease. ". These are the words of Father Bernardo Maria Gianni, Abbot of San Miniato al Monte, who will be present together with the deputy mayor of Florence, Alessia Bettini, Ferdinando Squitieri, well-known HD researcher, scientific director of the LIRH Foundation and patients and family members.


For many years, and by a convention accepted by the international community, May has been the month dedicated to spreading knowledge and awareness on Huntington's disease. "Unlike other diseases, Huntington requires a full month, not a single international day, as proof that the information gap to be filled is still great. It is our duty to share knowledge, first of all, with those who, directly affected, do not have access to the necessary information, but also with the media, with the medical practitioners, with the institutions and with the whole civil society, because each of them do its part in ensuring respect and 'care'. This is the message of the LIRH Foundation, through the words of its President, Barbara D’Alessio.

"By lighting a purple light on a monument that symbolizes our Country, we want to remind everyone that Italy is at the forefront of therapeutic trials, but also that the fight against disease and the fight against stigma must go hand in hand" - says Ferdinando Squitieri, Co-Founder and scientific director of the LIRH Foundation, Head of the Huntington Research and Rare Diseases Unit of the Casa Sollievo della Sollievo hospital.