open access pridopidina

Pridopidine for Huntington's disease now available through an expanded access/compassionate use program

In a recent community letter sent out on January 26, Prilenia Therapeutics announced that people who took part in the PROOF-HD phase three trial will be able to take pridopidine, the experimental drug administered as part of this study, thanks to a expanded access/compassionate use program (EAP/CUP).

Under the EAP/CUP program, the study participants will only need a check-in visit at their clinic every six months, similarly to an appointment with the HD neurologist. There are also fewer assessments in the EAP program than during the clinical trial.

Compassionate use will be ensured until otherwise stated by the regulatory authority.

The company also wishes to let the community know that there are programs in place for access to pridopidine even outside of clinical trials.

Attached is the community letter from the company.