Is there a reference bibliography that helps in the management of the patient?

Good morning, I'm a psychotherapist with cognitive-behavioral orientation.
Recently, I was assigned a task in an integrated facility, with guests mainly suffering from Alzheimer's disease, senile dementia and oligophrenia. Average age 75 years.
Together with these guests there is a 54 year old boy with Huntington’s Disease. He was an accountant. Unfortunately, there is no medical record with the history of the patient. The operators told me that he had a sister (the one who then took him to the facility and that unfortunately I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting to interview in person) and that no one in the family had suffered from this disease. I read the last certificate dating back to 2015 made by the neurology department of a Local Health Unit (ASL) in Sardinia, stating that the patient had not substantially worsened.
Well, I did not know this disease but I immediately thought that in the facility, the boy, at this time, had "more need".
The stage of the disease, I think, is advanced. The patient is always seated in the wheelchair, contained with the belt on the front. He has difficulties in expressing himself (and I can understand that... because I don't know whether to attribute his gestures to the disease or to a request for something). He often understands what I ask him if expressed in a simple way. I have noticed that he gets very nervous when he hears the noise made by other patients and when he is hungry (he eats quite voraciously). As I mentioned earlier, not knowing the disease in depth, I documented myself but I notice that there is information regarding the disease but not a bibliography that could be useful from the practical side. I thank you in advance for taking the time to answer to me.