4 Dicembre 2017 - Con il Premio, quest'anno alla sua I Edizione, la Fondazione intende valorizzare i ricercatori italiani che svolgono le migliori ricerche, cliniche o biologiche applicate, pubblicate o in corso di pubblicazione, su riviste scientifiche indicizzate. 

An important study has led to the development of a cognitive assessment tool that could help predict the severity of Huntington disease (HD) in those close to onset.

Huntington disease (HD) - a condition that affects one’s movement, cognition, and behavior—manifests fully in adulthood.

PTC518 is a small molecule capable of reducing the protein that causes Huntington's disease.

Pivot-HD: new hope for the treatment of Huntington Disease

PTC518 is a small molecule capable of reducing the protein that causes Huntington's disease (HD).

An update on therapeutic trials for the treatment of Huntington's disease.
The LIRH Foundation Annual Conference back in attendance.


The last five years have led to great milestones in the history of Huntington's disease research. At least three can be highlighted:

1) The setting up of the largest research network ever created for a rare disease, capable of connecting researchers from all over the world;

2) The launch of experimental therapies potentially capable of modifying the course of the disease by directly affecting its cause;

The appointment is at the Antas Theater in San Sperate (Cagliari) at 3.00 pm, Saturday 28 May 2022.

In the HD Awareness Month, LIRH Sardinia Association promotes a meeting open to Huntington families, to share spaces and times, thoughts, needs and information on the current available therapeutic options and on the disease management.

"Sardinian families have been isolated for too long." - said Alessia Zurru, President of the LIRH Sardinia Association - The time has come, also for us, to be taken in charge and to access experimental programs ".

Pharmaceutical companies confront researchers and patients on the HD treatments perspectives

The future of therapeutic research to cure Huntington's disease.

This is the title of the LIRH Foundation 2021 Annual Conference, which will take place online next Friday 3 December, from 15.00 to 17.30 CET.

European EHealth Care Model for Rare Neurodegenerative Diseases (Health-RNDis a three-year telemedicine project funded under the European JPND (Joint Programme - Neurodegenerative Disease Research) to six research centers in six different European countries: Charles University of Prague for the Czech Republic , Bloomfield Hospital for Ireland, IRCCS Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza for Italy, Leiden University Medical Center and Huntington Center Overduin for Holland, ULM University for Germany, Galen Research Institute of Manchester to the United Kingdom